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Diakonos (dee-ah'-koh-noss):

Greek for "servant"; used in the Bible to describe helping others in a selfless manner.

The English language derives the word "deacon" from this term found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Just as deacons in a church help others, so does Diakonos Web Solutions provide help for those seeking Internet Web site services:

  • Creating a fresh, new site design
  • Adding a menu navigation system for easy movement through your site
  • Creating database-driven content
  • Updating "flat" graphics and making them more visually appealing
  • Enhancing the visitor experience with the latest multimedia technology
  • Using "Style Sheets" to quickly make style changes sitewide
  • Adding/updating images and photos of services or products
  • Including a company history and/or future goals pages
  • Including a regular newsletter to Web site visitors
  • Making site friendlier to search engines
  • Providing online contact forms

Browse some sites I've created and let me know what you think.

-Mark Kent
Web servant